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Turnkey Industrial, Electrical and Mechanical Projects


focus countries

Ethipia, Djibouti and Lebanon

focus market sectors

Construction industry, industrial projects and industrial processes


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Our experience is the foundation for our quality and efficiency.

Our Values

Accountability: We don't believe in unfinished business. We promise, we commit, we deliver!

Collaboration: We are not here to compete. We want to be your partners to add to your portfolios so you can do more!

Leadership: We are convinced that the building industry has to follow international standards and we will not compromise on our convictions!

Passion: Our passion is safety, security and energy efficiency. We have the services, solutions and products to provide them!

Maturity: “Excellence comes from repetition, not just one project, it is a habit repeated again and again!

Quality: What we do we do well. Quality that results in the same product every single time. Quality that meets international standards!


ECT International focuses on international markets to provide turnkey Mechanical and Electrical Projects (MEP) to the growing modern construction industry.

ECT International meets the needs of today's market for turnkey MEP projects (Mechanical and Electrical construction projects).

  • Airports / Ports
  • Bank Headquarters
  • Data Centers
  • Government Bldgs / International Organizations
  • Healthcare / Hospitals / Laboratories
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Industry: Pharmaceutical / Food & Beverage
  • International Hotel Chains
  • Shopping Malls / Entertainment Centers
  • Universities / Stadiums / Sport Facilities
  • Warehouses / Distribution Facilities


ECT International believes in creating value and making a difference in every market it operates in:

  • Provide world class services, solutions and equipment
  • Build to international standards and codes
  • Meet deadlines and budgets

ECT International believes in optimizing costs through know how transfer and local partnering

ECT International believes in operating differently, in challenging the status quo:

  • Instead of short term thinking, ECT International relentlessly promotes sustainable solutions: Environment friendly solutions where efficiency and responsibility go together.
  • Instead of price as the only buying criterion, ECT International promotes the benefits of investing in safety: Protection of people and property.
  • Instead of dubious standards, ECT International promotes investments guided by international codes: Applying the codes in every industry means tapping into the hard earned experience that the industry has acquired through long years of development, application and ongoing improvement.
  • Instead of initial investment as the only parameter for decisions, ECT International challenges owners and developers to assess life cycle cost, savings and payback.


Fady Zughaib

President and CEO

35 years of experience in engineering and management

Tina Al Boustany

Finance Advisor

15 years of experience in financial management

Fadi Chamoun

Projects Director - Electrical

24 years of experience in electrical engineering

Bassem Mahfouz

Projects Director - Mechanical

24 years of experience in mechanical engineering

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